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Queue Downloads Not Working


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Setup Details :

OS : Windows 8 32 Bit

Utorrent Version : 3.3

Antivirus : Microsoft Security Essentials

In utorrent I have set active downloads as 1.

When I am adding torrents using magnet links , like for instance i add 6 torrents. Then after the first download, the second one does not start.

It just shows "Checking 0.0%"

When i used older version of utorrent ( 3.2.3), then in that its working fine.

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Hi All, I too have been suffering from the issue with the latest release in which only 1 torrent downloads and the rest remain stuck at 'Checked' state.

I have found a potential work around that seems to work for me so if somebody could also test it to see if they have any luck then it might help a few peeps out.

Stop all torrents and then start them again then exit UTorrent - go to your AppData/Roaming folder under your user folder and delete all the .old files then restart UTorrent - all of my 6 downloads running now.

Hope this helps


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