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Hey guys, I'm loving your app. As a user that only gets limited access to the internet, having such a portable version is amazing, beats lugging my ancient heavy laptop everytime I need to torrent something.

Here's a couple of feature requests I think would be amazing:

Better access to individual files within a Torrent

At the moment there is only the ability to see what the files in the torrent are.

The biggest thing missing is the ability to skip downloading a file.

The next is progress on individual files. I currently have a torrent with 17 different files in it. at about 60%.

Would love to start reading the first few files, but I can't tell if they have finished yet.

Organise the order of torrentsin the list.

Long press the torrent then drag and drop the torrent to the place you want it.

RSS feeds

Currently it is really hard to tell if a feed has new items in it. It would be awesome if there was a to mark each rss article as read, so that we can see instantly whether there are new items to download.

Thanks for all your hardwork, I love it. Please work on whatever you guys feel needs to be worked on, this is just my personal opinions on the most annoying aspects of the app, but they are only niggling issues. This app is 5stars all on its own.

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Add peers manually .

Normally i get 124 Kbps of speed (1mbps).But if the torrent is popular i get 1.8 Mbps (14.4 mbps) downlaod form a btcache with ip 10.240.xxx.xxx in my desktop utorrent client.But i can't seem to be able to connect to btcache client by android utorrent automatically . So i wish to add the ip manually.

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Thanks Dread , i kind of figured that 10.x address were private. So is there any way for utorrent-android to recognise it ? My laptop is running utorrent on the same wifi but it gets the btcache. so is there something missing on android-utorrent ? If so it would be nice to know exactly what it is .

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