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Peers doesn't connect to utorrent 3.3


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I have the following problem. I'm using uTorrent 3.3, i'm trying to upload my torrents, but only one peer is connecting to me. The others doesn't connect, but are available. It's shows that there are peers available, but only one is downloading from me.

Like in the pictures below:



How can i make the peers to connect, download from me.

I've made port forwording, and the trackers are showing me as Conectable.

In the example above i'm the sole seeder, and i'm seeding all the files, not just part of it.

This happens at all torrents that i'm seeding.

Please, I need an answer fast. :(

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They're connected to you. How do I know? They're showing on the peers tab.

You can't force them to download from you. That part's a pull, not a push.

I'm thinking that there is a error or a bad option in my utorrent, and that's why this is happening.

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