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Incredibly Slow Download Speeds


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First off, I'm not terribly familiar with computer terms and procedures, so please forgive me and be as patient as you can. My torrents download very, very slowly--often at less than a kilobyte per second. It fluctuates, sometimes making it up to about 60 kB/s, but is usually under ten. I've been searching for solutions. I tried some of those Youtube videos to no avail. I found this site, and used the conservative settings that somebody posted, with no change. I've attempted to use the Setup Guide, but get error 10053 on the bandwidth, and the network tells me that my port is closed. I've randomized the port several times.

I'm currently trying to download a game that is several gigabytes large. The ETA for the download is infinity. In short, HELP.

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to try and help me out. Much appreciated.


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