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One download per sesion


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I'm having a little problem. Im trying to download some small files but utorrent only tries (and does it) one of the files each time I open. Because they are small files, it takes only few seconds, but then it stops and doesn't try with another one.

If I close utorrent and then I open it, then it downloads another file, but just one, and it stops again. And it's not very comfortable to close and open utorrent for each file.

I'm using the 3.3 version. Can anyone give me a solution? Thanks.

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i "solve" it, more or less, so i dont need to come back every half hour, to restart utorrent.

1.- start one download, then after a few secs stop it.

2.- close utorrent, and re-open it.

3.- wait until the next download start, and "re-start" the one u previously stopped.

4.- repeat as many time you need.

this way you can download as many as you need to simultaneously.

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I am having the same issue. 3.3 build 29533 [32 bit]

Windows 8 - 64bit

Only way to permit multiple downloads by clicking "stop" on the one download - restart utorrent then a second will start - allowing me to "restart" the first one I stopped. Rinse and repeat for multiple downloads.

I tried deleting the shortcut - but that yielded no solution.

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