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Cannot seed to 1.0


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Hiya - can't find my specific question answered on the forums (anywhere), so thought I'd ask.

Downloaded uTorrent some weeks ago, and it works very well. The one issue I'm having is that I can't always seem to seed to 1.0.

I often download up to 4 files at once, then leave uTorrent on for a couple of days. One, maybe two of the files will seed to 1.0 or more. Usually, however, even after a couple of days, the remaining files never seed to anything remotely near 1.0.

Today, for example, the window looks like this (attaching the relevant portion):


Notice that the one that has only 9 peers is one of the ones that achieved 1.0. The one with the most peers doesn't hardly ever connect to me.

I'm concerned that I'll be branded a leecher, even if I've done my best to be a good citizen. Does it help to let the torrents that are seeding well reach higher ratios to compensate for the non-seeding torrents? Or are they judged individually no matter what?

Any helpful and constructive responses are welcome. Thanks!

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