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uTorrent doesn't show torrent, but insists its there


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I clicked on a magnet link, which opened uTorrent, and prompted me with a download screen. The one where you click OK to download. The very second I clicked OK, uTorrent prompted me to update, which I did.

The problem: Once uTorrent started up again, the torrent I had clicked OK to download, just seconds before, was not there. I tried to download it again, but uTorrent told me the torrent had already been added, and would I like to add the trackers?

Despite uTorrent's insistence, the torrent was most certainly NOT there.

uTorrent updated to: 3.3 (build 29544) [32-bit]


PS: I've since downloaded another version of the torrent, so I don't have an active problem - should this be posted in Bug Reports, instead?

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