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utorrent causes VLC, Potplayer and Handbrake to crash.


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Although I've fixed this by going back to version 3.3RC1 I thought I'd post this in case anyone else is having the same problem.

I'm on WinXP (fully up to date) and the problem occurs with utorrent 3.3 29533 and 3.3.1 29594 (and probably others as those were the two I tried before finding that 3.3RC1 worked).

The fault is that utorrent crashes anything that deals with video such as the video players VLC and Pot Player and the video converter Handbrake. With Potplayer it crashes with a unrecovered exception (or something along those lines) in quartz.dll. VLC opens but immediately shuts down. Handbrake opens but the interface is not drawn properly (bits are missing) and it is not useable.

Initially I thought it might be a problem with DirectX because I had a slightly older version running but I installed the latest version from the Microsoft website and the fault persisted.

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