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utorrent in Thailand


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Hi All. I just moved to Thailand (Bangkok) and I'm having problems with utorrent. Specifically, whenever I open a torrent in utorrent, the Status hangs indefinitely on "Connecting to peers." With my current system and configuration, I have been able to use utorrent without a problem in the US, Afghanistan, India, and most recently, Australia, so I'm reasonably sure (but not certain) that my problem is related to Thailand's relatively strict internet censorship. Here are the details:

--System is a Dell Latitude running Windows 7 32-bit, Google Chrome, utorrent 3.3.

--I experience the same issue with many different torrents, including Open Office as suggested in the utorrent Setup Guide.

--I experience the same issue with both my hotel's internet connection and the internet at an outside coffee shop.

--The "Info" and "Trackers" tabs at the bottom remain empty.

--I carried out Step #1 of the Setup Guide (Configuring for your connection). I received a Bandwidth error of: "Speed test failed" and Network error of "Port is not open (you are still able to download)."

--I carried out Step #2 of the Setup Guide (Enabling Protocol Encryption) and received the same errors as in Step #1.

--I performed the "Resolving a NAT problem" test in the Setup Guide, and that also returned the same Network error as in Step #1.

--I used Glasnost to test if my ISP was blocking P2P. My first attempt resulted in an error message of, "Our tool was unable to measure your link. The connection to the measurement server was lost." I ran Glasnost a second time and it ran for the requisite 500 seconds, but hung indefinitely on "Processing data..." My third and final attempt resulted in the same error as my first attempt.

--I read through the FAQ but couldn't find anything I could try to resolve this problem.

--I searched the forums but couldn't find any advice I hadn't already tried.

Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot further, or how to resolve/workaround?

Thanks in advance.

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If anyone cares, I switched hotels about a week later (to the Presidential Solitaire, also in Bangkok) and torrents are now working normally with their wifi. I have no information on the ISPs used at any of the locations I tested.

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... I doubt that anybody does.

Somebody planning to visit Bangkok and wanting to use uTorrent while there might!

Yeah sure' date=' with that line taken out of context, there may be a case for some infinitesimally small proportion of uTorrent users visiting that unamed hotel in Bangkok and experiencing an "issue".

But somehow, I can't really envisage Expedia or Lonely Planet adding "uTorrent Friendly" their list of features offered by Bangkok hotels.

Or the hotels having


on a plaque outside :)

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I ran across this site aimed at vuse but about ISP's in Thailand (and other countries) and their handling of bittorrents.


It says most ISPs (except TOT) throttle bittorrent traffic. Your problem is more of a blocking all traffic (I have your exact problem and I'm also in Bangkok). I found a workaround but it's not as good as your switching to a place that doesn't block;)

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