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Help with the RSS Downloader


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I kinda need help creating the filter to really specify what i want to download.

i have torrents with name like this:


and others with names like this:



So far i have these filters and wanted some feedback to see if i did it right:

Filter: Community?Subtitulado?Esp?SC
Quality: HDTV
Episode Number: S04E09-

Filter: Adventure?Time?WEB-DL?AAC2.0?H.264-BS
Quality: 1080p
Episode Number: S05E15-

Just wondering if those filters will catch specifically the episode from that group or should i place the * wildcard in between some of those filters to make it better something like this

"Adventure?Time?*?WEB-DL?AAC2.0?H.264-BS" or something.

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