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uTorrent STILL does not work after sleep


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After resume from sleep uTorrent will simply not download. All checks says everything is working within uTorrent. Network is working perfectly. It starts to download but after a few seconds it reaches 15-20kb/s and the goes back to nothing.

If I try to quit uTorrent the uTorrent process will sit idle in the system for 30 seconds up to a minute even when I force kill the process - so something is wrong here to. Force kill a process should always insta-kill it no matter what, it indicates some kind of problem.

Once uTorrent is restarted it works again. But its troublesome and Ive had this problem 2-3 months back now. Ive used uTorrent for years but this is the first time Ive started exploring options for other torrent clients. Id rather keep using uTorrent thou.

Is this being worked on?

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