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Can someone help me with showRSS


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Hi Guys,

Looking for a little advice on these weird problems.

1- First I'll say that I still can't figure out how ShowRSS is supposed to work, at best, it seems random to me right now on when it updates the feed with shows.

When I view "your shows" on the showrss web site, this list looks different than the feed I see in utorrent! Latest shows not showing up in utorrent even after I "update feed"

2- Second problem is very annoying. Since I have a feed in utorrent, I leave it up and running. Now if I go to manually download a show, it seems to just sit there not updating peers and not downloading, no activity. So I have to close utorrent and restart it, then the torrent downloads.

I see no pattern, I can't figure out when it looses its mind, sometimes it takes a day sometimes hours.

Any ideas?


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Oh you're right. THANKS!

I never thought of trying that, heh heh.

So I wonder why the "your shows" on the site shows one thing and the feed shows another.

For example, the feed (in utorrent) has never ever showed orphan black.

At least now I have another thing to look at


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