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Torrent file not downloading / slow speed?


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Hello everyone, :D

Ok, so I'm a regular PC user, I wouldn't go as far to say I'm a noob but I'm not quite up to speed.

I am using windows 7 64bit. and browsing with Chrome. My ISP is Virgin media (I think this may be the problem) its a 50mb line.

When browsing for torrents, as soon as I hit the mag link, the downloads bar at the bottom of chrome appears. The download is usually instant.. or just about anyway, but latley it wont even start or will sit on 0.01kbs and sometimes wont even start?:|

On the odd occasion it does download I open the file using Utorrent 3.3 and once again the speed sits around 0.02 often fluctuating higher. On a rare occasion I will get my usual speed and the download will complete as usual. I always download torrents with a good seed peer ratio so I know that is not the problem . Does anyone know what other factors could be causing these issues in chrome and Utorrent????

Your help would be appreciated :)

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