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Allow more active downloads, if download speed not reached


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I would like for a new feature, where more active downloads are allowed, if the download speed is not reached, so that full speed shall be reached with the minimum of active dowloads as possible, but higher or equal to the amount set in the "number of active downloads" setting.

For example, if download speed is set to 1000 kB/s and I am allowing 5 active downloads at a time, but I am currently downloading only at 600 kB/s, I would like another active download slot to open, so that I could download a 6th torrent. And if after a minute I still don't reach full speed another slot will open, and so forth.

If however the speed of the first 5 torrents start to gain speed (while a 6th slot is open), then active download slots will begin to close one by one (until the 5th torrent), so that 1000kB/s shall be reached with the minimum amount of active downloads as possible, but equal to or greater than 5 active downloads.


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