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ReSeeding torrents.


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I was just wondering, since I didn't see it in the manual/help file, is it possible to "ReSeed" a Torrent after you remove it from you list in the main window.

What I wan to do is if you uploaded a file, and you seed it for five days, and a week or two later, someone wants to get the file you uploaded, and there are no seeders. Is there a way to "ReSeed" that torrent without uploading it all again?


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If you have not changed anything in the torrent payload (content) just reload the job and force a recheck.

What do you mean by "just reload the job"? Do I Add Torrent... Ctrl+D

Add Torrent (choose save dir) Ctrl+O

Create New Torrent Ctrl+N

Read the migration guide for details, and do not forget to point the download location to the PARENT directory.

Yes, I read the guide to migration. All I really want to do is, let say I uploaded a torrent and seeded it for a week or two. Then I saw that a lot of people were seeding it as well. So, I "Remove" it from the Top Window (but not Remove And Delete .torrent/Delete .torrent+Data/Delete Data). Now, a month later, a couple of people ask for me to start Seeding it again, or ReSeed the original torrent. I didn't change anything with the torrent at all. How would I be able to reSeed a particular torrent?

What I mean is, how do I tell/get uTorrent to choose the torrent job that I removed from uTorrent's Active (top) Window? The reason I ask is because I have a couple of hundred torrents on my Storage drive, and I don't want to "reload" all of them, just the one from a month ago.

Maybe I'm not making it clear what I want to do and/or maybe I'm not understanding what you are telling me what to do and/or maybe a combination of both?

Thank you for your assistance. I really appreciate your time to respond to my posting.

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if you want to re-seed a job that has been removed you HAVE to reload it.

Leave the data in the completed directory - reload the job with the .torrent file (stopped) - force recheck it - Start it.

if it asks A torrent of this ... already exists ... Do you want to overwrite it?" The answer is [Yes]

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