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Utorrent 3.3 Build 29677 Hanging at start of new torrents


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Good morning I'm hoping someone can helpme out with this recent problem I'm having.

I've been using Utorrent for many years now with little or no problems (thanks to everyone who has made this possible) Recently I made the update to 3.3 and since then I am having an issue with all the new torrents i add to my Utorrent list. it can take over 24hrs to connect to peers and download metadata. one example of this is (605C1282DD9FC7DCADD07AC47F4D80CA868A2C13) this torrent is showing 376 seeds and 108 peers and has now been stuck conecting to peers for 8+ hours.

My system info is

Windows 7 Professional

Utorrent 3.3 Build 29677

Setup Guide results are

Bandwith USA, WA, Seattle

upload:786.4 Kbit/s download 2.5 Mbit/s



port is open your network is properly configured.

automatic port mapping is ticked.

can anyone shed anylight on this issue thanks

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Good morning DreadWingKnight, thanks for the quick reply.

I'm using avg free, I have been doing some playing this morning and have reverted back to 3.2 Build 27568, the torrent listed in the above post is now working perfectcly so I know is a 3.3 issue and not a network/pc issue once this has completed in about an hour will reinstall 3.3 and restart the above torrent (once i've moved the downloaded file) again to see if there is a change though i dont think there will be.

I will post again once ythis is done, do you have any surgestions of things to try?

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