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looking for the last add "free" version?


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can someone that knows (not guesses) please tell me which was the last (stable/release, not beta) version of utorrent that was add free? i mean the ads at the top like the latest version has that can't be removed via the settings. i upgraded recently and will not accept such rubbish. if nothing else, most of the ads i've seen so far, are "fake" alarmist lies like ones from the internet days of 2000. things like "your pc is slow - click here to fix" lol... or "you are not equipped for broadband speeds, click here".

help me or not. knowing straight away will just save me time manually checking the last few versions. i have all (standalone exes) of them downloaded, but didn't update each time, so the update i did days ago was from a 2012 version, which means i'd have to go back several version and install, check, uninstall, install, check... etc... i'm going to find out if i do that anyway, but i'm just looking for a fellow user who knows exactly, maybe because they too switched back. i am okay staying with that version forever. i barely use torrents anyway, and for what i do, it will be good enough for a long time. heck my last forum visit was: Last visit: 2008-10-25 20:09:09

ps: and i was okay with that left side panel advertising since at least if you wanted to you could hide it via the settings. so just tell me which was the very last stable release that did not have the top panel of advertising?


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