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weird upload/download problem...


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I have noticed that even when in the main window, when I order the torrents by upload speed or download speed there is no uploading or downloading at all, in the bar at the bottom of the program there is uploading and downloading of 20 to 50kb/s each way, even if I limit upload to 10 for instance it doesnt' make a difference and I am not uploading or downloading anything according to the main window!

I thought I had a trojan but I have tried scanning with malware, spypot, avast, eset, nothing dangerous found at all

What is the problem?

Thank you!


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Hi, I use utorrent 3.3

I look at the upload column on the program and nothing is uploading, or downloading for that matter, no speed at all. Then I look at the bottom, on the right where D: and U: are for downloading and uploading and there is movement there instead

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