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Scheduler Timer - Faulty? Or An Intrusion?


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I am using the uTorrent for Macs. Under Preferences, I've set the Scheduler to start torrenting from 2am to 8am daily. Previously it used to stop around the time I set (it used to run about 5 to 10 mins beyond the set time), using the time on my laptop as the reference point.

This morning, I observed something very odd - it was working and downloading a couple of active files well past the 8am time limit. It was 8:50am. I shut down uTorrent immediately.

Is this indicative of a fault with the software, or is it a sign of an intrusion? In either case, or perhaps w.r.t. other possible cause(s), appreciate if you can advise and guide me on the fix to this.



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Sorry, I clicked on Troubleshooting and it brought me here. I'm checking the entire page here now, and there is nothing to indicate that this section is for Windows and not Macs. I've only just joined this Forum an hour ago in search of an answer to this problem.

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