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uTorrrent Server Edition


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I discovered on a non-english forum something called uTorrentServer221.exe, it had a couple of files in it, and I decided to see if I could get it to work, but I couldn't. Is there a way to setup uTorrent as a server, if so how would I go about doing it.

Lastly, below is the installation script:

@echo off

echo uTorrent Server

echo ---------------------------


echo Wait until uTorrent is open then press Ctrl+G for Setup Guide.

echo After you will close uTorrent, service will be installed.



utorrent.exe /recover

@echo on

service.exe -install

service.exe -start


and here is the uninstall script:

service.exe -stop

service.exe -uninstall

I would really appreciate any input concerning this matter.

Thank You. :)

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uTorrent Server is a Linux only release


Windows ver 2.2.1 is NOT supported AND what you found is a way to force uTorrent to run as a Windows servICE NOT as actually as a serER

Thanks ciaobaby! I thought something was kind of fishy. :)

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