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Adding FIles To WMP Library


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Downloaded a torrent from Piratebay recently consisting of .vob files.First,I couldn't even get WMP to even play the files.Turned out I needed some codecs.Okay.Got that fixed.Now,for some reason,,WMP won't allow me to add any of the files to the media player library.I can play the movie there,It just won't let me add it to the library.

The folder itself is called VIDEO_TS.Within the folder for the movie there are 10 files.As follows:



VIDEO_TS (VLC media file)

VTS_01_0 (VLC media file)

VIDEO_TS (WMP AVI file.Menu for Chapters,Play and "extras" buttons)

VTS_01_0 (The rest of these are WMP files which start the movie in WMP.Why so many ?)





Can anyone please explain to me how to add this video to WMP video library folder ??

Thank you

I'll check back in tomorrow.I have to get off of this pc for now.Time for "beddy-bye" !! He,he.

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