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Harmful Files

Robert the Bruce

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I'm trying to download a couple of programs called 'Mixmeister' and 'Pro Traktor 2' which are music making programs.

I downloaded 4 of each from different torrent sites and once downloaded I encountered the same problem with each and every one.

Whenever I tried to open the file (in order to install the program) I received from utorrent the same security warning each time.

Utorrent tells me that the file is potentially harmful to my computer but even if I click on 'Cancel' it opens anyway and that is when Comodo kicks in with a warning.

I get the feeling that these programs/files are not harmful at all and that utorrent and Comodo just 'think' they could be harmful.

Other kinds of downloads are fine, movies etc.

Anyone any thoughts on this ?

One other thing, whenever I click on 'minimize' (when utorrent is running) I'm left with the utorrent icon on my taskbar. I should be able to click on hide/show utorrent to bring it back up but it doesn't work. I have to 'exit' then re-open. Why ?

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