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Move Torrent(s) to Top/Bottom buttons - Idea Bank


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I proposed in Feature Requests two new buttons on the toolbar allowing torrents to be moved to the top of the queue, or the bottom, and matching menu options.

I now know, for anyone finding this in a search, that holding Shift while clicking the Move Up and Move Down buttons (or the matching menu options) does this already.

Still, I believe actual buttons would be very valuable, or at least hints on the existing buttons mentioning this functionality.

Having now read the FAQ for Feature Requests, and done the search (sorry DreadWingKnight for not doing my homework before, that'll teach me to post at 5am without taking care!), I now know that (a) the appropriate forum for this is in the Idea Bank, since it has already been suggested and requested (multiple times over the years), and (B) this forum is to 'Discuss / share user interface ideas for µTorrent'.

So I would like to draw the attention of anyone who is interested in this feature to the Idea Bank (in the menu under 'Community' at the top, or go to http://www.utorrent.com/community/ideabank), where you can find and vote for it under "Implement 'Move to Top' and 'Move to Bottom' buttons and menu options", in the hope that it will be implemented, and in the hope that less people will request it fruitlessly in the future, thus reducing irritation for the Mods.

I would further invite discussion on why this would be such a useful feature to have more readily available and obvious, in the spirit of this board (ie discussion of UI ideas).

Clearly it has been considered and dismissed in the past, but that does not rule it out now. I believe that average users tend to have more torrents now than before, and add more torrents per day, increasing the need for this. I believe that uTorrent has a broader base of users, including many more noobs and beginners than previously, reducing the likelyhood that they will RTFM or search for this function (heck, even experienced users like myself missed this one!). I believe that screen sizes and resolutions have got larger over the years, meaning that the uTorrent window is probably run larger on the screen than before, giving more real estate on the toolbar for these buttons. And frankly, I think it's just a good idea, UI-wise - why put such a useful function in the backwaters of RTFM when it could be basking in the sunshine of being front and center, available for all without thought? Is not the essence of good UI making sure that valuable, or commonly used, functions are easily accessible and obvious, without a need for reading the manual?

Any thoughts, anyone?

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