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Can't Seed?


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I revently downloaded uTorrent, it's kickass, only I have one problem. I created a torrent and it just wont seed. The availability also says 0.967. WTH is up with that? I am seeding my own torrent the availability should be no less than 1.0. Not to mention no peers can even connect to me. I DMZ'ed my box so all ports are forwarded. The tracker I am using is "working", so what gives?

Im connected to 1 peer and Im not sending a thing to him, anyone have any insight into this?

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Dunno if dilema is still checking this topic, considering the original post was 17th Oct, prob gave up in disgust...

But while we're talking "cant seed" I have a question relating to seeding as well:

I'm seeding a torrent of my own creation, i have had a few peers connect and successfully (i assume) download it but i have noticed that seeds varies from 0(1) - i assume the (1) is me right? to 0(3) is it just people seeding my torrent inconsistently?

Also i have had peers 0(4) while i'm seeding and it took a long time to connect to any of them i looked around the topics and set the peer.lazy_bitfield = true and peer.disconnect_inactive = false and i think i'm connecting better but as most of the activity is late at night i'm not sure. Any other suggested settings to help connecting to peers?

Right now i'm seeding and µTorrent shows seeds 0(1) peers 0(1) any way to find out what the status of the (1) peer is?

Thanks any/all

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0(1) is probably just you on both counts. And if the seed count varies, it's most likely people seeding inconsistenly, yes.

As for connecting to them slowly, well, make sure you're connectable. That's all I can think of... It's also possible that those 3 other peers had already disconnect/finished the torrent by the time you saw those numbers.

You shouldn't turn off peer.disconnect_inactive either.

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