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unstable upload rate limit (stable build 30017)


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I'm not sure if this is the correct thread to post this under but here it is...

I've noticed that the graph in Speed tab for my upload rate limit is totally fluctuating, jumping sharply up and down.

1st image from my 20Mbit up home connection without a router


2nd image from 1Mbit up connection with a router


I'm currently using build 30017 so i'm not sure if it already started functioning like this from 30003 version.

If i'm not mistaken it should flow as a steady line and the line for upload rate (payload) is what should normally wave.

The other thing i noticed is that when i initiate a download it starts to flow as a steady line.



Any ideas, comments?

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...ok, i read you, ciababy, but how do you explain it going flat as long as downloads are running?

I'm still talking about the UPLOAD RATE LIMIT (the lighter blue) line not the darker blue line which as i understand counts the real-time UPLOAD RATE (payload).


see the picture, as soon as the download finishes it drops and starts to form these peaks again, and it was running as an even line only simultaneously with the download :/

I'm quite sure that with older builds i used to follow from the graph how the actual upload speed (darker blue line) was acting compared to my fixed upload rate limit (lighter blue and always even) line - you know, was it going slower or constantly exceeding the limit...

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...no problem, here you go :)

the snaps from my 50 Mbit/20 Mbit home connection as promised by my ISP



my laptop is directly connected with the cable, no wireless router in between.

I can't give you the snaps to my 12Mbit/1Mbit connection setup anymore that i had from another ISP at countryside. There i used a wireless connection through a router, a port was succesfully open according to uT's internal port checker. But the "issue" with this LIMIT line i discovered just there (2 snaps posted in my first post).

I hadn't been messing with routers, port forwarding and such a slow connection for a long time. So i obviously thought that this limit line going up and down all the time was caused by myself by setting too high upload limit to 1Mbit connection (i admit testing different setups).

Then i got home to my regular connection, setup restored accordingly, and finding it still acting the same way :rolleyes: well, according to my logic, the LIMIT = a constant value

or am i barking up the wrong tree :P

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damn!!! it's so obvious, that i completely overlooked it :o

i'm so ashamed that i'm going to bang my head against the wall a little while :blush:

btw, since i haven't changed any of the settings myself, i'm going to blame my little cousin who begged me to let him play with my laptop... uTorrent window was all open of course, i guess he managed to tweak the settings in this short period of time. i have to go through all the settings now (and not only uT), who knows what else he managed to screw up :mad:

thanks for your time, ciaobaby! i'm sure without your help i would have wrestled with this issue for quite a while, overlooking the obvious :P

let's just hope that this topic will help to eliminate future knuckleheads like me ;)

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