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Memory usage creeping up with time.


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I have a serious problem with RAM usage when uTorrent 3.3.1 30017 is running.

When i am downloading or even when im seeding my RAM usage creeps up with time until all my RAM is used and windows starts paging and my whole PC becomes unusable from the huge HDD delays.

When i close uTorrent all that huge amount of RAM(1GB+) is freed.And Task Manager doesn't show uTorrent process using that much RAM or where it all went.

I heard that this may be because of bad Windows disk caching.I disabled windows disk caching from the Policies tab of my HDD in the Device Manager(i hope this is the correct way),but that didn't help.

So i decided to use a better memory showing program than Task Manager.

I used RAMMap and closed everything else and left only RamMap and utorrent run.

I barely understand what all those different memory types actually mean,but i saw that when refreshing the table while uTorrent is running,the only memory that is increasing is Mapped File memory.That memory just keeps increasing.When i stop all jobs or close uTorent all that Mapped File memory(plus the usual private memory of the actual uTorrent proces) are freed.As far as i could understand after googling about Mapped File memory it has to do with uTorrents caching.

I tried uTorrent versions 3.3.1,3.3.0,3.2.3,2.2.1 and even latest BitComet.

With the 3.x versions i always get this problem.

With 2.2.1 and BitComet i don't get this problem.My RAM is stable and it doesn't creep up.

So maybe there are some compatibility issues with changes in the way uTorernt caches files with new versions that is causing this uncontrolled RAM usage.

Anyway i would love to get some help with this on how to prenvt this from happening or workaround it since in current state i can't leave uTorrent running too long(even less if i am actively and heavily using my RAM already).Let me know if you need any more info.

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And Task Manager doesn't show uTorrent process using that much RAM or where it all went.

That is because it is NOT uTorrent that is using the memory, It is Windows using the 'free' memory, uTorrent is simply the catalyst that demonstrates the Windows caching and memory handling problems.

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I already knew that,but the fact remains that something that has changed in 2.2.1+ versions is causing this issue since 2.2.1 and older versions don't have it.

Also i did test with Windows caching disabled and it was still the same.

I am not trying to blame anyone here.I'm just trying to keep my PC usable while uTorrent is running post 2.2.1 versions.

That is why i asked for a solution or workaround to this issue(no mater who is to blame).

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