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FTP/FXP Download help Needed!!!!


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Hello friends, i have a tplink TD-W8968 adsl router modem , which supports FTP server application by hooking a USB mass storage device on it, Previously i was downloading all my torrent files to my computer, but now i started downloading it to the FTP server application on this TP-link w8968 router using utorrent, in this process i do not have to keep my computer powered on for all the time when the torrents are getting downloaded to router based FTP application, as torrent file gets downloaded straight to router connected USB after pointing the torrent downloads to the FTP USB storage on the router, Computer can be turned off while downloading, it does not effect the torrent download.

BUT THE PROBLEM IS when i am trying to download youtube videos with IDM(internet download manager) n point them to the USB running on router FTP server application like the process i use for utorrent download specified above, the download stops when i shut down the computer, unlike utorrent downloads which keep on downloading to USB without the need of my computer to be powered on all the time, Is there any way i can download youtube videos with IDM(internet download manager) straight to TPlink FTP server USB, without letting my computer be powered on for entire period of download ??? why IDM is not downloading straight away To USB like utorrent is downloading without the need of a computer!!!! :(

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