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Upload limit not working when downloads are slow


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I have this problem since the version 3 came to my hands, ah what bad day that was... But I came to live with the problem with all the seeding enhancing options disabled or reduced. Now as I have exhausted almost all popular content, the rare ones have made this problem worse.

The problem is that the upload limit gets to be disobeyed by a significant margin, significant=double. Whenever the cumulative download rate of my torrents remains less than half of my bandwidth which is 4Mbps, the upload rate becomes a rebel shooting at 96-120KBps. My ISP has some skewed algorithms in place which throttle the download bandwidth whenever upload goes up. Which I have experienced takes action when it goes above 45-60 KBps.

My settings are:-

- Upload rate limit: 40 KBps

- Alternate upload rate: not set

- Apply rate limit to transport overhead: set

- Apply rate limit to uTP connections: set

- Global maximum connections: 450

- Maximum peers per torrent: 100

- Upload slots per torrent: 6

- Use additional upload slots: not set

- Limit local peer bandwidth: not set

- Encryption: forced

- Legacy connections: allowed

- Maximum active torrents: 50

- Maximum active downloads: 4

- Maximum ratio: 20%

- Minimum seeding time: 0

- Minimum number of seeds: 0

- Seeding tasks have higher priority: not set

- Upload limit after seeding goal reached: 0

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