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Speed limit in the UK


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Hi everyone, i'm new to the forum so I will try to keep it short and simple

About three months ago the torrent speed dropped down to almost 0kbps, I tried some tweaks (force outgoing encryption, connections limit up to 800) but the result was not very significant, now i get about 100kbps only. the speed used to be 1.2mbps.

my provider was Sky (when the problem started a couple of months ago) last month I moved to a new place and the new provider is BT my current download speed should now be around 10mbps (according to speedtest.net) but it's still the same (max 100kbps)

is there some sort of a ban in the UK? could you please suggest a solution.

I use macbook pro late 2011, utorrent 1.8.4 and bittorent 7.8.1

Thanks :)

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