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Utorrent is storing movies on both internal and external hdd


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Basically I'm running utorrent on my MacBook. I have no media at all on my internal hdd. Everything is saved on an external wireless hard drive.

Every time I download media to my external, I lose the equivalent amount on my internal. I can't locate these files though when I search throughout my Mac, using disk drill etc. when I search and check info, it appears I have used 12gb but my hdd tells me I've used 111gb. So now my disk is completely full and I've checked and double checked to confirm that I lose storage space as I download media.

I checked the above forums but I wasn't able to fix this problem as yet.

There was a message that said

"Very probably you downloaded something with external HDD off. µTorrent makes in this case a default directory in your PC. Switch map in Options->Preferences->Directories. And read the manual or play with Options. Good luck...ArduBleu"

But I don't understand what he means by switch map. Does this option only show up in windows?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can't download any media until I remove all this junk data which is stored in some secret place I don't know about

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