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uTorrent moves the entire download directory after download [REOPEN]


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So. A weird one.
This is the download folder: D:\Downloads\------------DOWNLOADS--------------
This is the folder to where completed downloads should be moved: D:\Unzipped

For some reason utorrent moves the entire download directory so the end result is: D:\Unzipped\------------DOWNLOADS--------------

This is NOT normal. Here are my location settings:

Wonder what could be the cause?
Is the fact that i stop the downloads and use DEL to remove them from utorrent too fast after completion?
Or maybe something else?


Using 3.3.2 b30180 under Windows 7 SP1 x64 fully updated.

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Added trailing slashes but changing the download directory is a bit more timeconsuming. I will have to change it in many places. I think i will rather go for variable %Downloads% instead. That way i can change the variable value in one place and all my programs will still work.

Didnt know about hyphens being not reccommended. Intresting thing is that utorrent <3.0 defenetly didnt have any problems. The problems started with 3.x.x and have since only gotten worse.

Anyway thanks for the help. I will try these things out and hopefully they will solve the problem.

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