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RSS matcher fails for episodes > 100


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Using feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/anime-rss-atom-feeds?format=xml

uTorrent version: 3.3.2 (build 30260, 32-bit)

RSS Pattern: *hatsuyuki*hunter*

Episode Number: 1x101-

Fails to match any episodes.

Change to:

Episode Number: 1x01-

and it matches the latest episode. Looks like it's only checking the last 2 digits of the episode number.

RSS titles currently available to match against:

[Hatsuyuki] Hunter X Hunter - 1x101 [720p][C8791C39].mp4

[Hatsuyuki] Hunter X Hunter - 1x101 [480p][522D4583].avi

Also, despite having the torrent currently loaded, with 1x01- the file is not listed as previously matched and is shown as will be matched when testing the pattern.

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Got you... ;)

Log way to go till this list is fixed... : http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=352646#p352646

Yes - unfortunately this one might be a deal breaker for me, forcing me to move to another torrent client (it's going to be an on-going problem, and will get worse when Space Brothers gets up to episode 101 ...). It's going to be a pain converting 100+ RSS matchers.

qBittorrent looks like the best option - I can do everything with regexes, but there's a pull request pending (for 3 months ...) for episode matching that I could pull in. Might have a go at compiling it this weekend.

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