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uploads stop sometimes even though files are there


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I did check the sticky and did upgrade to the latest utorrent.

My problem is that I upload stuff and all is well but then sometimes I see an error that it can't find the files. I stop and start over, pick the download location, see all the files are there but it finds only half of the files, the other half is red.

Now though I had the same, had uploaded a torrent, all was well, then the error, sorry not sure what it said, files not found I think, I stop, click the download location, force recheck but this time 0,0. I see why in this case because when I click on the same torrent to open folder it go's to a different folder. to my documents. This is a folder I am not using at all for utorrent. When I go to set download location it automatically go's where it should. the right folder

So there are 2 problems probably connected.

One that my torrents suddenly thinks half of the files are gone. happened yesterday twice, and now this one.

Must be a folders error? Thanks in advance for any help.

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No, the location/version is fine. If you just upgraded from the very old 1.8, using the same settings files - it might be an issue with setting files not being fully compatible between the two versions. You might want to consider a clean install of 3.3.2.

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