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I'm new to torrents and not very tech savvy so bear with me thru this. I down load a torrent, copy it to a portable hard drive and go plug it in to my Sony dvd player so I can watch it on my TV. ( big screen vs tiny screen). First time it worked great, this is so cool. Second time nothing even tho it shows up on the screen. Third time it doesn't even show up. Ok I start looking at all these torrents and they all have different file extensions. Some seem to work on the sony others don't. I have a list now of files that are supported by Sony ....mkv. mp4. etc etc. Now the questions, some torrents have the extension listed, others don't, how do I find them out before I download. Can I change the file extension just by deleting one extension and putting a new one in. Ie if its xxxxxxxxxx.divx can I just make it xxxxxxxxxxxx.mp4. That seems way too easy but that would be cool. Last torrent I downloaded I also got a whole bunch of extra crap, I had to wash my hard drive, are there some torrent sites that are less invasive, I know they have to make money somehow but.....

Thanks Peter

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