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which comctl32.dll used on newer versions?


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I have no problem using v1.7.7 but when I recently tried out some newer versions, including v3.2x, I couldn't get them to run. The error message produced referred to an "outdated comctl32.dll".

I find four different comctl32.dlls on my computer:

553,232 (size) , 12-07-1999 (date modified)

552,208 (size) , 07-22-2002 (date modified)

530,432 (size) , 07-21-2012 (date modified)

1,054,720(size) , 01-27-2013 (date modified)

Would any of these work for the latest version of uTorrent? Or is there another comctl32.dll that I should have?

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I'm using Windows 2000 with bwc's extended kernel and .NetFramework 4.0 . So I can run many WinXP programs. Mentioning which OS I'm using would just confuse most people since not many are familiar with the extended kernel, wrapper DLLs, Application Compatibility Launcher, and so on. Actually, I can probably guess that the necessary comctl32.dll is the XP one, 1,054,720(size), but I was looking for as much information as I could find.

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