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Cannot install Torrent Plus (cleverbrifge num: 52068065)


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I just bought online the µTorrent Plus edition, but it seems impossible to install.

I have tried both option os installing as described below from the mail I got:

1. Automatic Install. Download your Bundled Installer which contains your personal license key.


2. Manual Install. Download and install the free version of uTorrent, then download your personal license key.]

When I click on the Bundled Installed or the Free vesrion of uTorrent, I get a popup asking what to do with the file.. Open?, Save?, or Save as?...

Whatever of the three option I click, it stops there (File does not open in the 1st case and is not saved in the other two) :(.

Is there a problem with my PC setting blocking installation or is something else I could do?

Note that I had free Torrent in the past which for some reason stopped working (I could not open it). That is why I decided to buy the Torrent Plus. I removed the old version from my PC and then bought the Plus version fromm the internet with the above issue.

Can anyone help and suggest solution? Note that I am not a PC professional so I would appreciate the simplest language possible..

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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