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everywhere "uTorrent has stopped working"


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i know, there is couple of topics about that problem already but i read it all and can't find solution

my uTorrent is down, i couldn't run it so i decided to reinstall it. after reinstallation there is no any uTorrent files, i can't run it cause it doesn't exist, so i'm trying to install it again and got a "uTorrent has stopped working" popout during the installation, so now i can't even install the program. however, install try always creating a new folder "utorrent" in AppData with setting (?)

i tried deleting utorrent folder from AppData, deleting only setting.dat, unblocking install file etc etc

still the same problem. there is no trace of utorrent in my system besides AppData folder, i can't even find it in system control

please help!

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oh my god, mate, thank you for tip, i don't have nvidia network access manager, but you steer me for right direction, i have nvidia control panel and recently i changed default graphics processor, its seems that this was a problem, now it's everything alright, cheers mate, thanks a lot, i would never do it by myself

btw whats the connection beetwen utorrent and default graphic proccesor, hah

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