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Green uTorrent


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I mostly seed torrents with small swarms and I see users that are barely willing to upload (their service plan is good enough for downloading but not for uploading) unaware of this effect on global warming. Others download at low speeds, betting on luck. Many users think that they can get data only from seeds. Many computers are running not that efficient when it comes to energy use, adding to the global warming. What I recommend is to design uTorrent with "Green" in mind.

Here are a few ideas of how to implement this (warning, the ideas might sound crazy and "uncooked"):

1. Peers and seeds in a swarm will "store" the times of the day where the download speeds are the fastest and the number of peers and seeds is the highest. They will "notify" these numbers to other peers so the users can decide when to effectively run their computers. I am aware of the queuing issue, the pause function and others.

2. Peers that are uploading at low speeds will be automatically closed after X minutes. This way the users will understand that leaving computers working for long hours isn't "green".

Again, these ideas and others might sound crazy and uncooked now but they can reduce, in my opinion, global warming.

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