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Do advanced settings change anything out side utorrent


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Bit of a noob question here

Does changing the advanced settings make any changes outside of utorrent?

The reason i ask is i followed a quide on one this forum to try help my speeds but now my internet hangs (ie webpages taking a lifetime to load) and i'm only getting 15meg broadband (results from speedcheckers) which is quarter what i usually get - this is without utorrent even running.

This started happening while i was using utorrent so i let it be while i waited for my download to stop, it never sorted itself so i followed the instructions to return to default settings, which didn't help. so then i've uninstalled utorrent and done a full reset of my router still didn't help. It may just be a coincidence that my provider are having problems but I've rang them and they've confirmed i've not been limited or any known problems at their end.

I was going to a system restore but i've no saved points from before i made the changes on the 15th.


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If the speedtest is 1/4 what you normally get and uTorrent isn't running, the problem isn't uTorrent.

Settings inside utorrent, outside of the firewall exception setting, has no bearing on network activity.

That setting does NOT affect your speed.

Thanks for clearing that up, i couldn't find any topics on the subject anywhere but that's probably why.

Thought i'd ask so i can norrow things down.


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