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Seed files through OpenBitTorrent or without a tracker at all


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Hi. This has been probably asked lots of times already but I couldn't find anything with a quick search...

So I want to seed files through OpenBitTorrent.com or without a tracker at all.

I remember doing this in the past but I had other ISP then and don't remember what exactly I was doing back then.

What are the requirements and the procedure?

Do I need to order a static IP from my ISP for this?

The way I do it now gets me stuck at "Connecting to peers" when trying to download.

Thanks in advance.

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Wow). That was fast).

Well, I have DHT always enabled, and I don't private flag the torrent, gathered that much from web...

But as said, it gets stuck at "Connecting to peers".

Are u sure I don't need a static IP? I'm behind a NAT of my ISP, so no incoming connections for me I guess???

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Ok, so there's hope, good.... Any thoughts on why it could be stuck at "Connecting to peers" (I mean the peer that is trying to download)? Could it be because the peer has DHT turned off? Or I just need to wait longer? BTW, all other torrents work fine.

Also, do I need the bt.enable_tracker enabled for this to work?

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