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ERR.Don't have enough permissions to write to '/Users/'. Please change


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  • 7 months later...

Perhaps the original poster could have been more forthcoming with his question, but you guys were really not much help at all.  When I googled the exact same question, I chose this search result because it's a uTorrent forum—I mean, I really expected this to be THE place to go to get a real answer.


In my case (and I would bet my testicles the same was true for "daneconn" too), the download location in question should, in my opinion, be fine.  For one thing, it's my computer--I am the only user--so why would I not have permission?  Second, I save things here all the time.  It's just a new folder in what is essentially "my documents."


So, the real question(s):


What is actually the problem?  Yes, the path begins with /Users/ .

Is there a workaround?  This is the location where I want to download a lot of torrents to.  Am I seriously going to have to obey my computer rather than it obey me?


It seems like I've run into this issue before and it was a simple fix, but I could be wrong about that.


Thank you in advance.


the Weasel

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