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Decreased DL speed after installing on new hard drive.


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My hard drive crashed and was replaced 4 days ago. I installed uTorrent on the new HDD and it's downloading much more slowly than it was before. DL speed runs from 2kB/s to 300 kB/s. A 7GB file took 45-90 minutes 4 days ago, even when downloading multiple files; I've been downloading the same file for over a day now and it's only at 30%. The new HDD does have Norton Internet Security 2014 installed, which is a newer version than what I had before. Nothing else about the system has changed, except my HDD is practically empty now. I ran the setup guide and that helped some (ETA for the file is in hours now instead of days), but it's still much slower. Any ideas?

Dell Inspiron N5110 running Win 7, uTorrent version 3.3.2

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