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Average download speed target


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Let's consider this sample situation:

Download speed limit set at 800 KB/s.

Number of concurrent downloads: 4

Total number of torrents to be downloaded in the list: 20

Now, suppose utorrent is downloading the first 4 torrents and is hitting 800 KB/s speed nicely. Then one of the torrents loses its seeders and stops downloading completely.

No problem, because the program is smart enough and simply starts downloading the fifth torrent in the list until the aforementioned torrent gains some seeders.

The case: suppose the first 4 torrents are slow, and can't hit 800 KB/s combined and max out at around 100 KB/s. utorrent will not start the fifth torrent to reach the max set speed.

My question; is it possible to set utorrent so that it'd try to max out the set speed limit by going over the set concurrent downloads limit automatically?

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