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Regarding prioritising torrents


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Hello there,

I am not sure as to what subject this should be so I put it in general but please do move if my question is irrelevant.

What I want to do is when downloading two torrents at a time (or more) give torrent 1 priority so that it can download as much as possible and so if it maxes at 150kbps I want torrent 2 to use the rest of my bandwidth, and if it doesn't use all my internet bandwidth then I would want torrent 3 to get the 'left over' bandwith so that everything remains efficient. I hate when torrents max at half of my download speed when left overnight and therefore it is not very efficient. Is there a way to do what I just said and what is it called?


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Hi this is a good idea,

However I want it to maximise the connection. For example if torrent 1 has like 2 seeders and maxes at 150, I want it to automatically max that and then torrent 2 has 3 seeders and uses 150 again so in total both would use 300kbps; but if I had a 500kbps internet connection then I would want it to keep going until my internet usage has been maxed and give priority as well.

Right now utorrent just randomly does it, and if I stop torrent 2 torrent 1 gets much more speed, I want to prioritize torrent 1 to get the most and THEN torrent 2.

sorry if its complicated to explain lol

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again, its not that your problem is complicated to explain, its just that you're not reading what you're being told that what you want is NOT POSSIBLE. Mainly because you are not controlling how fast you download. Your download speed is what other people have decided to send to you. You don't get to control their upload speed, beyond 'no faster, please'.

Is that simpler? YOU HAVE NO CONTROL because the protocol doesn't allow it, it's not designed that way, and micromanaging was specifically avoided when the protocol was created.

Simple enough now?

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