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BSOD on using Utorrent


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From the past couple of months, whenever I open uTorrent to download, my laptop crashes after a few minutes and I get the error message Driver IRQL Not Equal or Less. I've read through the past posts on the similar topics and most of them state the error started when they updated to the 3.3.2 version on the Windows 8 OS. I use a Windows 7 Ultimate OS and the problem started suddenly on the 3.3.1 version itself and continued even after I updated uTorrent. From what I get, the IRQL problem is when a driver is not installed properly, so I've updated my drivers but still the problem continues. Can anyone please help me with how to solve this problem? In the 3 years I've used uTorrent something like this hasn't happened and it's really depressing to not be able to download stuff :(

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