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Labels not working properly.


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First, here are my uTorrent and Windows versions:

uTorrent 3.4 build 30444

Windows 7 Home Premium, 64bit

Question: I have been having a weird problem since the most recent update. Normally, on the left-hand pane, you have your label list. Beside each label shows the number of torrents that's in it, like this:

> Labels

> Music (6)

> Movies (12)

> TV Shows (2)

...and so on. What I've been experiencing is this. When I click on, say, "Movies"; nothing shows up in the torrent list even though I know I have 12 movies listed under that label.

Also, no, there is no label called "Hidden". I've checked for that already.

Essentially my Labels are completely useless, I have to click on "Torrents" at the top left then use the "filter torrents" search box to find my torrent.

Please help!! It's very frustrating.

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