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Ut Player wont playbag mkv files


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I am trying to playback .MKV files on utorrent player, but its not able to do it , when ever i try to playback a video file on .MKV format it will just try to download the file again to my computer, even tho its just in there and on the same folder. Might there be a way to get a codec for MKV files to the player or I am missing something and didnt know ??

I dont have trouble so far with mp4 and avi files those just play very good on the utserver player but the mkv are the only file type we got issues in here.

For the info and just if needed :

I got the new version of utorrent server for linux on ubuntu 13.10 64X

Product Version 3.3

Source Revision 30235

Build Date 2013-10-14 10:42:53 -0700

UI Revision 30235

If any one could plz help me out to at least what files to mod so i could add the codecs or try to get this to work would be much apreciated.

Thanks in advance

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