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How to download ONLY from a specific group with Rss downloader


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Hi guys,

I have been through every single google search phrase i can think of and cannot find the answer to this question. I find it nearly impossible that i am the first to ask it. So if i have missed the correct phrasing in my searches and it has already been answered. Forgive me.

What I want... To download every encode specifically from AFG of a given tv series. I do not want anything else from any other group ( I like the video/audio format and file size and it works well on WDTV ) I realize i could exclude other release groups in the NOT filter. However this is not going to work as there are so many different groups, and new ones popping up all the time. That i am bound to miss them, so it would not be very efficient.

What i have ( as written in the filter box of rss downloader ) that is not working is...


but this does not initiate the download at all on any title ( even single word titles such as castle for instance ).

I cannot find a list of each wildcard symbol ( this would likely answer my question as i believe the problem is in that ) to find out how to block out all the seasonal info and other garbage in between the last word of the title and the phrase XVID-AFG.

Is this even possible?

BTW... i am using version 2.2.1

Thank you VERY much in advance.

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