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Trouble downloading/finding peers


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Over the last week utorrent has stopped working for me, up until i just updated it it would just sit at connecting to peers and just now with the update shows downloading but nothing is happening,


I know for sure it's allowed through the firewall and i have both uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times with and without a anti-virus and checked to see if it would run with no luck.


i have also tried it on a laptop as well and no change.


Would love any help you could pass along and thank you for your time and reading.



Os -  Windows 7 home premium


Version -µTorrent Stable (3.4 build 30596)


Isp - Virgin mobile broadband to go


Others - Windows firewall, Microsoft security essentials.


Edit : Tried Known legal and working torrents (the slackware one and a few others i know for a fact should have no issue)  


Also all trackers (Dht, local peer discovery and peer exchange are showing not allowed and the main tracker is saying connection closed)

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