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Not connecting to peers


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I have been having this problem now ever since I moved over to the college I'm now attending. uTorrent suddenly won't work anymore and is perpetually stuck on "connecting to peers" whenever I try to download a torrent. I've searched the internet and tried a bunch of things, one of which finally seemed to work for one torrent, but now it's straight back to being stuck at "connecting to peers". 

I went to preferences and clicked on Randomize each port, I added Proxy Server type Socks5 (even though I don't really know what all it does) and checked "Use proxy for hostname lookups" and clicked on "enabled" under "Protocol Encryption/outgoing:"

^^^ all this seemed to make it work for this one torrent that I downloaded, but the next day when I went to try it out again, it was back to the same old "connecting to peers". I'm really starting to wonder if it's somehow being blocked by a firewall, though I have "add windows firewall exception" checked. When I moved to this college it had me download Cisco NAC agent and I'm thinking the problem lies there...however, I have no idea how I would go about fixing it or overriding Cisco NAC agent. Please help?  

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here, its says: 

[DHT] --- disabled

[Local Peer Discovery] -- inactive

[Peer Exchange] --- inactive



What does that mean in terms of my situation?? I can honestly admit that I know pretty much nothing about what I'm doing or what's going on. Please help?? 

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